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Back to School

Copper has been a school several times this summer working with a small group of awesome 2nd graders. The school is different now. The students are not back in the building yet but the classrooms have been deep-cleaned, teachers have moved into different rooms, new teachers have brought their materials in and the hallways are starting to fill with color.

This is the ideal time to bring Copper back into the building. It gives him a chance to see and smell the changes. I also start bringing him into the counseling room, his primary work location, to check out the kennel, water bowl and toys that have been idle over the summer. We have a new section of the playground so I introduced him to rubberized wood chips and how they feel to walk on. I also remind him how the school sounds and feels with multiple fans. Since we don't have air conditioning, we do have numerous fans, large and small, running in all rooms. Copper seems excited to get started. He runs to the car when I pick up his yellow school bag.

He won't be back in the building with all our students until I've reviewed expecations for behavior with each class. I want to ensure his first days back at school are with students who know how to be safe around dogs and treat them with respect. We review our 4 steps; approach, ask, pet, and goodbye.

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