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New School Year

Copper has had a great start to the new school year. We followed our protocols of having him come in before school started to get him acclimated to classroom changes and to meet new staff. He didn't come to school for the first 7 days because I wanted to review our student behavior expections with all our kids. Guests to our building continue to be impressed that all our students ask to pet Copper before reaching down and giving him a scratch under the chin. I've also called all my new parents/guardians that indicated their child had a dog allergy or adversion. They are all happy with the steps I take to ensure their child is happy and healthy at school.

We have started working the the staff in our new ILC Intensive Learning Center. This is a new service at our school this year and Copper loves working with our students receiving services through this program. I'm looking forward to creating some new tools to measure the impact his work has with these students.

Copper has started sessions to work with students on social/emotional goals and attention goals. We have started scheduling discussions with our Occupational Therapist as she works with our kids. The Reader Retriever program is in full swing. I've started selling "Copper Time" in the school store for 50 Tiger Paws. He continues to work on the playground and greets families before school on Fridays.

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