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Torn ACL

The news from the vet isn't good. Copper has a torn ACL. I've got a plan for when Copper gets older and needs to retire but I haven't thought through this scenero. The vet stated that he could still come to school but I've been extremely cautious. If he is in pain, he doesn't need to be working. His medication seems to be working well. He wants to play "chase" with me is engaging me with his typical toys.

Here are some things I am considering.

1. Adapt his day for minimal walking. He typically picks up and drops off students at their classrooms. Until he recovers, I will go pick up and drop off students.

2. Adapt his typical "active" sessions. Tyically, students will be involved in training him. This could result in many "sits, downs, ups and comes". I may focus on having him work with students who would benefit more from reading goals which just involves him listening in to a story.

3. Recess duty is out for a while. Although this seems to be his favorite part of the day, it's also the most active.

I'll check in with the vet and see what he recommends.

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